By now, we all know that South Florida is currently under a hurricane watch, with evacuations being ordered in areas from Key West to as far north as the Space Coast. If you live in an evacuation zone, there is still time to make your way to the nearest shelter via your own power or via several bus shuttles.

New Florida Majority is working with a number of groups to help our neighborhoods prepare for what could be one of the deadliest storms to ever hit the state. One of those organizations is Communities United Inc ( , which helps run several senior-focused programs in Liberty City, Overtown and Little Haiti.

Here are some of their suggestions, especially for seniors. Those who need additional information on Emergency Assistance, call Communities United, Inc.  at (305) 754-3993.

And continue to stay tuned for more updates from the NewFM Climate Resilience Team. Text STORM17 to “90975” for up to date storm information from NewFM.

Communities United’s Hurricane Tips


  • Get Supplies – water, ice, cooler, canned foods, snacks, bread, batteries, flashlights, candles, etc.
  • Fill up your vehicle
  • If an invalid or disabled, please call 311 for assistance
  • Secure your residence – board up windows, secure shutters, cover roofs
  • Move down to lower area of apartment/condo buildings if you live above the 3rd floor or higher to stay secure
  • If you live in a mobile home, PLEASE seek other shelter
  • If you have pets, take them to an animal shelter with food.
  • Fill up bathtub or containers with water and put a capful of bleach
  • Prescriptions can be filled at two Walgreen locations
    • 791 NE 8th Avenue (305) 652-7332 (Limited Delivery to 9/8/17)
    • 11920 NW 27th Avenue (305) 681-0970 (Limited Delivery to 9/8/17)
  • Write down prescriptions being taken & last time the prescription was filled
  • Write down NEXT OF KIN and phone contact
  • Have an evacuation plan in place



  • Stay put! DO NOT go outside to view the storm
  • If you have a power outage, be careful with burning of candles
  • Listen to radio or television to receive updates on assistance



  • Walgreens will be opened at the following locations:
    • 791 NE 8th Avenue (305) 652-7332
    • 11920 NW 27th Avenue (305) 681-0970
  •  Distribution Points: Supplies & Food in Liberty City/Overtown Community
    • Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, 1140 NW 62nd Street, (305) 759-8226
    • Mt. Sinai Baptist Church, 698 NW 47th Terrace, (305) 751-5846
    • New Jerusalem Primitive Baptist, 777 NW 85th Street, (305) 693-8323
    • Tacolcy Center, 6161 NW 9th Avenue, (305) 751-1295
    • Hadley Park, 1350 NW 50th Street, (305) 960-4630
    • Gibson Park, 401 NW 12th Street, 305.960.4646
    • Little Haiti Park, 6301 NE 2nd Avenue, (305) 960-2933
  • Listen on radios or local television stations for information on designated locations where hot meals, emergency assistance, etc.  can be received

Remember, continue to stay tuned for more updates from the NewFM Climate Resilience Team. Text STORM17 to “90975” for up to date storm information from NewFM.