NewFM’s Andrea Mercado was quoted in a Nov. 15th piece by Rewire.News about the on-the-ground organizing propelling the Florida recount. 

“Let us be clear. This is not over,” said Andrea Mercado, executive director of New Florida Majority, a group organizing in communities across the state. “It is wrong to call an election before every vote is counted. That’s what happened last Tuesday and that’s what’s happening tonight.”

“We’re going to fight for every Floridians’ vote to count because that’s what it means to live in a democracy,” Mercado said. “And we’re prepared to continue to fight for a Florida for all of us after the election is over. There’s too much at stake for us to leave this to any one candidate. On the 20th of November we’ll be rallying for a Florida for all of us and we’ll be prepared to hold every officeholder to account to make this a state where all of us can thrive.”

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