SCOTUS Stands Against Discrimination But Supports Gerrymandering

New Florida Majority reacts to today’s Supreme Court decisions

Jacksonville, FL – Today, the US Supreme Court ruled on the issue about adding a citizenship question to the census next year, and the issue of whether lawmakers have the right to draw electoral maps in their states.

The following statement is a response from Moné Holder, New Florida Majority Senior Program Director :

“Floridians have much to celebrate after the SCOTUS’ decision to deny Trump’s request to add a citizenship question to the census. Intimidating immigrants into not being counted could have crippled resources for vital public services like schools for our children, or hospitals for our communities, and this would have affected all of us.

While the Supreme Court judges stood on the right side of history, Florida US Senator Scott and Governor DeSantis turned their backs on us by refusing to do anything to support the census and agreeing that only citizens should be counted.  

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court judges still decided to support gerrymandering. In a state like Florida, this decision will only harm our democracy by allowing the Republican majority to decide the elections before we even vote.”

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