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NewFM Endorses Sean Shaw for Florida Attorney General and Emma Collum in HD 93

The AG’s office serves as the state’s defense in protecting the rights of everyday Floridians. In Sean Shaw, we have someone who will take that seriously.

Oct. 1 – The New Florida Majority (NewFM), a c4 racial justice organization dedicated to expanding democracy and restoring justice, enthusiastically announced Monday their support of Sean Shaw for Florida Attorney General and Emma Collum for FL House District 93 in Broward County

The NewFM board unanimously ratified the recommendation of the organization’s Ad Hoc Committee for Political Endorsements, who pushed for the endorsements after reviewing candidate survey last week.

“Reshaping the right wing control of state politics in Florida is essential to gaining governing power for people,”said NewFM Executive Director Andrea Mercado. “NewFM views recapturing the State Legislature and the race for Attorney General as key components in that effort.”

In the Attorney General’s race, the committee understood the importance of the position as a stop gap for bad legislation and protectorate of the rights of people and stressed the importance of holding him accountable. Understanding that the accountability sits with them, the committee overwhelmingly supported the endorsement.

“The Attorney General’s office serves as the state’s defense in protecting the rights of everyday Floridians.” said NewFM Political Director Dwight Bullard. “In Sean Shaw, we have someone who will take those responsibilities seriously, even if it means challenging the Governor and members of the state legislature.”

In House District 93, local residents were enthusiastic at the possibility of removing the last Republican seat of the Broward County delegation in the state’s House of Representatives. They believe that Collum will be a fierce advocate for education, the environment and equal rights for women, LGBTQ members and other historically marginalized groups.

“She is not afraid [to speak out] and has  [historically] been on the side of those who need help.” said local Sarah Leonardi.

“We’ve waited for a candidate like Emma Collum,” said  Dianne Quincy. “Emma believes in the qualities America used to stand for…like care for others.

Healthcare was a big reason why Hillary Dougherty is supporting Collum.

“(In Emma) I hear someone talking about the communities no one else is talking about,” said Hillary Dougherty. “When you have a leader that is willing to say (discriminatory) bans are wrong, that means a lot.”

Close to 13 million people are currently registered in Florida, including 4.8 million registered Democrats, 4.6 million Republicans and 3.5 million No Party Affiliation (NPA). While 75% of all registered voters came out for the 2016 elections, only 51% came out in the 2014 midterm elections that saw incumbent Gov. Rick Scott beat former Gov. Charlie Crist by one percent or 64,145 folks.

Key important dates in the upcoming electoral cycle include:

Early Voting Period for the November Election: October 22 – November 4, 2018
November Election Day:  November 6, 2018