Statement on County’s Inaction on Petition Signed by Over 127K Miami-Dade Voters

Petition to make county elections more accountable and transparent signed by over 127,000 Miami-Dade voters


MIAMI — New Florida Majority released the following statement today attributable to its Executive Director Gihan Perera in response to the failure of the Supervisor of Elections and Board of County Commissioners to act on a petition signed by over 127,000 Miami-Dade voters to make county elections accountable and reduce corruption.

“We’re disappointed to see that it’s politics as usual in Miami-Dade County with recent efforts to stall a citizen-led petition calling for accountability and transparency in local elections,” said New Florida Majority (NewFM) Executive Director Gihan Perera. “It’s case-in-point for why need a system that is not only more accountable and transparent, but also more responsive to the very voters who put our commissioners in office.

“Last week, NewFM and partners delivered over 127,000 Miami-Dade petitions in favor of putting the Accountable Miami-Dade measure on the November ballot. Those petitions have been sitting for more than a week while no action was taken by county commissioners. NewFM applauds the commissioners who showed up to do their job on Tuesday. Unfortunately, they were in the minority.

“The commissioners’ inaction is a direction obstruction of the will of the people. Alternatives to getting the Accountable Miami-Dade measure on the ballot, such as through legal action, mayoral action or through the Supervisor of Elections exist, and New Florida Majority, along with coalition partners, will work swiftly to ensure that the voices of Miami-Dade voters are not silenced by the inaction of the county commissioners.”