Tweet Your Senators: Rights Not Restrictions

April 22, 2013

The Florida Senate is on the brink of adding another sad chapter in the history of policies that make it hard to vote. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Join us and a coalition of other organizations, including America Votes, in tweeting about the harmful language barrier and the effort to limit voter assistance.

Below you will find a series of tweets that we hope to start trending.

Hashtag: # freethevote


  • We need EQUAL access to the ballot box: Volunteers should help EVERY VOTER who needs it, SB600 forces them to pick and choose.  #freethevote
  • If SB600 is supposed to make voting easier, why does it limit the # of ppl volunteers can assist at the polls? #freethevote
  •  SB600 makes it harder for granny to vote #freethevote #letgrannyvote
  • Do the sponsors of SB600 really want to explain why their bill limits assistance to the elderly and minority voters? #freethevote
  • SB600 could put the elderly and non-English speaking voters at a disadvantage at the polls #badpolitics #freethevote
  • Elderly voters deserve assistance at the polls, why are we making it harder for them to vote? #freethevote
  • Want to fix long wait lines to vote? Then fix SB600 and let volunteers assist EVERYONE who needs help at the ballot box #freethevote
  • Free, fair, and accessible elections means everyone who needs assistance at the polls receives it. #freethevote
  • SB600 should encourage all voters, not discourage the elderly and language minorities. #commonsense #freethevote
  • Real election reform means accessible voting for EVERYONE. SB600 needs to change if it’s going to be real reform #freethevote