We Brought It

April 11, 2011 —

Last Thursday, hundreds of people from across Florida converged on the capitol to challenge state leaders to ask: “Where are the jobs?” Ever since taking office on the promise of creating jobs, Gov. Rick Scott has attacked working and middle class Floridians by cutting jobs and slashing public programs.

But Floridians are fighting back. Public sector employees, healthcare workers, unemployed workers, and other members of the JustWork campaign, Progress Florida, and pinksliprick.org,  crammed the halls of the capitol and piled into Gov. Rick Scott’s office delivering hundreds of pink slips and temporarily stopping business as usual.

Before confronting the governor, sixty unemployed workers and their families confronted two of the biggest special interests pushing to cut unemployment insurance: the Florida Retail Federation and the Florida United Business Association. These associations are also behind attacks on minimum wage, stopping wage theft, and attacks on unions. Later in the day, we met with the CEO of the Retail Federation and shared stories of the struggles faced by Florida’s unemployed.

After delivering pink slips and shaking the walls of the capitol with our energy and frustration, we moved on to lobby legislators encouraging them to oppose cuts to unemployment and even expand this crucial program. A group of unemployed workers from Central Florida even asked Speaker of the House Dean Cannon to spend a day in the life of an unemployed worker.

Last week’s action is just the beginning. The JustWork Campaign will continue to defend unemployment insurance, and work to expand it. We are also working to see real job creation in our state. 

Check out the press on our action, courtesy of our coalition partners, here:

Protestors Give Scott Pink Slips
By Whitney Ray
Capitol News Service, WCTV – WJHG

An angry crowd of teachers, nurses, and unemployed people stormed the governor’s office today to ask Rick Scott, where are the jobs?

Protestors give Scott the “Pink Slip”
WTXL ABC TV Tallahassee
It’s another day and another rally opposing Governor Rick Scott.

Gov. Rick Scott gets pink slips from Capitol protesters
By Dave Heller
WTSP 10 News Tampa Bay, First Coast News Jacksonville
Hundreds of chanting protesters jammed the state Capitol on Thursday and delivered a rousing message to Gov. Rick Scott.

State Senate passes proposed budget, protesters descend on Tallahassee
By Troy Kinsey
Bay News 9 Tampa Bay
The Senate has passed its proposed budget with a vote of 33 to 6.

Pink Slip Rick
WOKV News report
Via The Florida News Network
An angry crowd of teachers, nurses and unemployed state workers hand Governor Rick Scott his pink slip.

Protestors want to ‘Pink slip Rick’ Scott
By Jerome R. Stockfisch
Tampa Tribune, Brandon News and Tribune

As the state House debates deregulation and the Senate is in the middle of a recess, protesters crowded the Capitol rotunda this afternoon urging Floridians to “pink slip Rick.”

Workers deliver “pink slips” to governor
By Kathleen Haughney
South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Orlando Sentinel
Hundreds of union members delivered “pink slips” to Gov. Rick Scott’s office at lunch time Thursday, yelling “Pink Slip Rick” and “Where are the jobs.”

Protestors deliver pink slips to Scott, criticize plans to ‘starve the unions’
By Travis Pillow
Florida Independent, American Independent

Washington Independent, AOL News

The first floor of Florida’s Capitol was flooded with hundreds of protestors delivering pink slips to Gov. Rick Scott today.

“Pink Slip” Protest of Gov. Rick Scott About Unemployment Benefit Cuts
By Gray Rohrer
Sunshine State News
Related: Union, Unemployed Workers Hold ‘Pink Slip’ Protest of Gov. Rick Scott
Hundreds of protesters gathered outside Gov. Rick Scott’s office in the Capitol to protest proposed cuts in unemployment benefits and state worker pensions.

House, Senate approve austere budget
By Steve Bousquet and Marc Caputo
Miami Herald, St. Petersburg Times, Bradenton Herald, Lakeland Ledger
As the Senate and House adopted austere budgets marked by deep cuts in health care and schools Thursday, transplant surgery survivor Mary Ellen Ross had an urgent plea for lawmakers.

House, Senate pass deep cuts to classrooms, public workers
By Aaron Deslatte
South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Orlando Sentinel
Florida lawmakers approved austere, competing budget cuts for public schools, health care and public workers on Thursday as hundreds of protesters crowded the Capitol, decrying Gov. Rick Scott’s fiscal prescription for the state.

Florida bill requiring employee contributions to pensions passes amid union opposition
By Jonathan Mattise
TC Palm, Palm Beach Post
Teachers, firefighters, police and state employees may soon be contributing to their pensions for the first time under a bill passed Thursday by Florida lawmakers amid union opposition.

Florida Morning: Florida Legislature passes budget, includes pay cuts for government employees
By Abel Harding
Florida Times-Union
‘PINK SLIP’ RICK SCOTT – Public health care workers protest Gov. Rick Scott.

Florida House, Senate pass differing budget bills
Associated Press
Miami Herald,
Tampa TribuneGainesville Sun, Ocala Star-Banner, Lakeland Ledger, St. Augustine Record, CNBC, MSN Money, 13 others

Excerpt: As lawmakers debated the budget bills, hundreds of public employees and union members, including doctors and nurses, went to Gov. Rick Scott’s office three floors below the legislative chambers to protest the cuts. They delivered “pink slips” for Scott to the governor’s office.

Senate bill requires employee contributions.

Health care workers and others stage a protest at the Capitol building in Tallahassee, Fla. on Thursday, April 7, 2011 giving Gov. Rick Scott a pink slip criticizing his job performance.

Health care worker Veilla Sevigne from Miami takes part in a protest at the Capitol building in Tallahassee, Fla. on Thursday, April 7, 2011 giving Gov. Rick Scott a pink slip criticizing his job performance.