What We Believe

Florida is changing demographically and politically, and NewFM is poised to be the democratic engine that helps move the Sunshine State onto the path of equity and justice for all people and not just a small band of well-connected elites.

NewFM works daily to create an inclusive multiracial, multilingual and multicultural movement that seeks to unite people across economic, racial, religious and gender lines through a shared love of a democracy that serves all.

We aim to center federal, state and local legislative conversations and policies around those who have been historically kept at the margins, disengaged with civic institutions and convinced that their participation doesn’t matter.

In 2018, our organizers are mobilizing to significantly expand democratic rights for communities that have been historically marginalized, excluded and silenced. The key components of the campaign are voting rights, immigration reform, fighting mass incarceration and standing up for women and our young people.

Our Strategies


Through street-level organizing, NewFM is overcoming the dark days of racism and divisiveness in the Sunshine State to bring the new light of fairness and equity to all residents. Our organizers focus on mobilizing their communities to significantly expand democratic rights for those who have been historically marginalized, excluded and silenced.


One of The New Florida Majority’s main goals is to educate communities that have historically faced obstacles in participating in our political system. Most of this work is done through partners like Wellstone Action, and our 501c3 organization, New Florida Majority Education Fund (NFM-EF). We are dedicated to building leaders who can organize in their own neighborhoods and inspire a new generation dedicated to ensuring equity and fairness in the Sunshine State.


NewFM’s legislative priorities guide our work each year, as we hold lawmakers accountable and demand common-sense policies that serve the communities we represent, not just the elite. We have played central roles in historic legislative victories in Florida, most notably in the passage of Amendment 4 in 2018, which restored suffrage to over 1 million formerly incarcerated Floridians.

Our Victories

Since our founding, New Florida Majority has achieved many significant gains for the communities we represent. In 2017 alone, some of our most major highlights included:

  • 31,000 new voter registrations in low-income black & brown neighborhoods
  • 32,277 voters contacted (19,116 Black and 12,873 Latinos)
  • Helped to win $15/hr living wage legislation in the City of Miami
  • Citizen-lobbying effort led to creation of low-income community representative on the City of Miami Sea Level Rise Committee
  • Led effort to collect 127,000 petitions to get campaign finance reform on ballot
  • Won lawsuit to extend voter registration period after Hurricane Matthew, which enabled 108,000 additional people to register during this election cycle
  • Field programs helped to win important down-ballot races including Opa Locka City Commissioner Matthew Pigatt,State Senator Jose Javier Rodriguez,State Representative Robert Ascencio
  • Sent delegation of leaders to Standing Rock demonstrations in N Dakota
  • Sent delegation of leaders to People’s Congress in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Anchored US Climate Action Network national conference hosted in Miami