Why Give Miami Day is So Important

In challenging times, part of being an active and civically engaged person is not just to give our time, but also to multiply our influence. The act of giving influences others – not just other donors, but people looking on who wield power. That is why it’s so important that we support these priorities on Give Miami Day. 

Every day, the our staff and volunteers at New Florida Majority are in neighborhoods that are often underestimated, misunderstood or forgotten, learning from and organizing with residents on important issues like voting rights, criminal justice reform, climate justice, poverty and immigration reform.  This fall, we were one of the organizations on the frontlines during Hurricane Irma, connecting residents to resources and pushing elected officials to ensure that no community is left behind during rebuilding efforts.

In a world of endless distractions and competition for public attention, we cannot depend on others to always tell the story of our communities and lift up the good efforts of our grassroots leaders. 

We must paint a picture of what we care about.

What matters to us.

Who we are.

Participation in Give Miami Day  is a direct reflection of who we are and what we should be about. It sends a timely message to private and public sector funding sources about the kind of city and state that people want to see created and supported. Just as budgets and policies reflect our moral priorities, so do our donations. Individual donations — especially when it comes from a cross section of society — demonstrates the voice and the desires of the people. 

By no means should money control the direction and distribution of democracy. However, by donating on Give Miami Day, the public can wield the power of the purse to say — and  deliver — what’s important to us.