Women Up Front: Networking For Power


A year ago a partnership between the MWC, FNM and NLIRH convened a diverse and powerful group of women leaders and launched the Women Leadership Network Initiative. We created the space because we understand that working women and women of color occupy central and trusted leadership positions in our communities. Women have strong influence, we are at the center of every key community issue. However, often there isn’t an explicit gender lens driving our work and our leadership rarely translates into greater political power for women.

Next year’s national election will be about women. Our political priorities will occupy an unprecedented place in the political debate, not only within the context of the top of the ticket, but up and down the ballot and at the local level. However, this will not guarantee movement on policies that improves the lives of low wage women and women of color unless we are vigilant and strategic. Women Up Front will take up the work initiated last year and will seek to pre-empt the political debate with a local gender and reproductive justice agenda and concrete demands that will influence political decisions and elections in our communities. It is imperative that we bring to the forefront the voices and priorities of low income women and women of color to the local and national political debate.

We want you to join this initiative because your voice is essential to the success of this network. Let’s work together toward a broad and inclusive lens for economic, gender, and reproductive justice for all women and girls in our community.

If you’re interested in joining please sign up here!