NewFM Jax: The Will of the People Is the Most Important Issue At Stake In District 10

 The New Florida Majority says that Governor Rick Scott’s recent appointment of Terrence Freeman to Jacksonville City Council District 10 undermines efforts at creating an inclusive political system  and suppresses the will of the people to select their own elected representatives. 

South Florida Residents Gather This Saturday to Create Neighborhood-based Disaster Action Plans

“Serious Games" simulation will allow community residents to identity & report back key assets and gaps in disaster response to local elected officials and policymakers

Higgins’ Victory Builds Community Power on the County Commission

NewFM Executive Director Andrea Mercado says that the victiory of Eillen Higgins in the Miami-Dade County special election represents a victory for both the community and democracy.

NewFM Endorses Andrew Gillum for Florida Governor in Democratic Primary Race

For members of New Florida Majority, one candidate stood out as the most knowledgeable and inclusive person to carry the concerns of Florida’s working class and communities of color into the state’s top post.

SCOTUS Gets it Wrong in Husted decision

NewFM Director Andreea Mercado says of the Supreme Court's decision in Husted v. A. Philip Randolph Institute: "...Voting is not a “use or lose” entitlement. It is a fundamental right that goes all the way back to this nation’s fight for freedom."
Florida Organizations Launch Irma Community Recovery Fund to Support Vulnerable Families

Florida Organizations Launch Irma Community Recovery Fund to Support Vulnerable Families

Grassroots organizing groups have created a community relief fund to support the wellbeing and recovery of vulnerable communities. Find out more about the fund and how to donate.
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Join Us & Get Email Updates

Get involved with Florida's leading racial justice organization aimed at increasing political power in marginalized and excluded communities.
Voting Restoration Amendment Qualifies for November Ballot

Voting Restoration Amendment Qualifies for November Ballot

The Second Chances Voting Restoration Amendment has been put on the November 2018 ballot, thanks in large part to the help of Floridians across the Sunshine State who signed and submitted 1.1 million petitions supporting the measure.

Mission Statement

The New Florida Majority is an independent organization working to increase the voting and political power of marginalized and excluded constituencies toward an inclusive, equitable, and just Florida. We believe in a participatory democracy where people can be their whole selves. We train grassroots citizens to be leaders, mobilize communities to vote, educate the public to share our values, and inspire Floridians to take action toward their dreams. We organize people, ideas, and resources to build a powerful new vision for Florida’s new majority. A cornerstone of our beliefs is defending and expanding the voting rights of all citizens, including those who are new to the country, raising children on their own, struggling to make a living, or returning from incarceration. We believe that a strong democracy for all makes a better Florida for everyone.