A Victory for Voters, but Fight to #LetMIAVote Continues

MIAMI — New Florida Majority released the following statement attributable to its Executive Director Gihan Perera in response to the Board of County Commissioners vote to start the counting process for 127,000 petitions for more accountable and transparent county elections. “Yesterday was a historic achievement for democracy in Miami-Dade County, when the… Continue Reading

Embraced by the public, Miami-Dade campaign finance reform initiative meets official resistance

(via Facing South, Alex Kotch) Real estate interests have outsize influence in Miami-Dade politics. For example, Gimenez has raised over $1.6 million for his re-election campaign, much of it coming from real estate developers and builders. His challenger, Raquel Regalado, has raised less than a quarter of that amount. The… Continue Reading

75 Activists Storm County Hall to Tell Officials to Start Counting ‘An Accountable Miami-Dade’ Petitions Now

August 17, 2016   MIAMI — Today, more than 75 Miami-Dade voters supporting the An Accountable Miami-Dade initiative, stormed County Hall to demand county officials start reviewing the 127,000 petition signatures immediately to ensure the initiative, which would give everyday people a bigger voice in Miami-Dade politics, is on the… Continue Reading

NewFM and Partners Deliver Letter to Elections Department Demanding Action on 127,000 Petition Signatures

MIAMI —New Florida Majority and community partners held a press conference today at the Miami-Dade Elections Department to deliver a letter to the Supervisor of Elections demanding action on the 127,000 petitions submitted calling for a ballot initiative to create more accountable and transparent county elections. It’s been nine days and counting… Continue Reading

Over 125,000 Signatures Submitted to Create More Accountable and Transparent County Elections

Initiative Would Strengthen County Campaign Finance Laws and Give Everyday People a Bigger Voice in Elections Miami, FL— With Miami-Dade residents collecting over 125,000 signatures to reduce the power of big money in elections while increasing transparency and accountability, voters will now have an opportunity to bring needed reforms to… Continue Reading

Local Leaders, Clergy, Elected Officials to Hold Panel on Campaign Finance and Black Political Participation in Miami-Dade

MIAMI — On Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2016, New Florida Majority will host a panel discussion on money, politics and power in Miami-Dade County. Featured local panelists include State Senator Dwight Bullard, Rev. Dr. R. Joaquin Willis of Church of the Open Door, and Elaine Black of Liberty City Trust. A recent study by the civil… Continue Reading