What We Do


Through street-level organizing The New Florida Majority is overcoming the dark days of racism and divisiveness in the Sunshine State to bring the new light of fairness and equity to all residents.

In 2012, The New Florida Majority’s mobilization efforts resulted in the election of ten new progressive Federal and State legislators in Florida. Through our Breakthrough campaign, we reached more than 250,000 voters across the state, 76% of which turned out on election day.
This year, The New Florida Majority organizers are mobilizing leaders to significantly expand democratic rights for communities that have been historically marginalized, excluded and silenced. The key components of the campaign are: voting rights, immigration reform, fighting mass incarceration and standing up for women and our young people.

We are moving from the margins to the center of power by working together, taking ownership of our government and becoming the change we want to see we will help transform Florida.


One of The New Florida Majority’s main goals is to educate communities that have historically faced obstacles in participating in our political system. Most of this work is done through partners like Wellstone Action, and our 501c3 organization, New Florida Majority Education Fund (NFM-EF).

Created in 2012, NFM-EF serves the people of Florida through the development of educational programs to empower residents to strengthen their communities. We are dedicated to building leaders who can organize in their own neighborhoods and inspire a new generation dedicated to ensuring equity and fairness in the Sunshine State.


The New Florida Majority advocates on behalf of it’s members and stakeholders. Below is a list of our legislative priorities for 2013 – 2015.

Legislative priorities 2015 

Legislative priorities 2014

Legislative priorities 2013

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